What Is A Tan Accelerator?

What Is A Tan Accelerator?

Looking to get an incredibly deep, long-lasting tan-FAST? Enter the world of tan accelerators! But hold up – what exactly are they, and how do they work their magic? Sit tight as we dive into the nitty-gritty of these tanning superheroes and how they can help you achieve your tanning goals.

What's the Deal with Tan Accelerators?

Tan accelerators are tanning boosters, designed to take your tan to the next level. They stimulate melanin production in your skin, the stuff responsible for that golden hue, giving you a quicker, deeper, longer-lasting tan that screams "I just got back from paradise!"

Unpacking the Magic: How Do They Do It?

It's all about the ingredients. Tan accelerators are packed with goodies like d-chiroinositol, an extract from Carob Fruit that kicks melanocytes into high gear. They can also contain colour-enhancing ingredients like Carrot Oil to tint skin. Translation? Tan accelerators speed up the tanning process, meaning you'll achieve that golden glow faster, while also enhancing the depth, richness, and tone of your color. Plus, they ensure your tan lasts much longer, allowing you to bask in your bronzed beauty for ages. And, with added vitamins and antioxidants, your skin gets the love it deserves!

How to Tan Like a Pro:

Using a tan accelerators is a breeze. Just slather it on before soaking up those rays, making sure to cover all the bases. For best results, team it up with sunscreen to protect your skin while you work on that enviable tan.

Why Tan Intensifiers are the Real MVPs:

1. Deeper, Darker, Quicker Tan: Tan accelerators amp up your tan game, delivering that deep, dark glow you've been dreaming of - fast!

2. Long-Lasting Lovin': Thanks to boosted melanin production that continues to be produced even after you've left the sun, your tan stays put longer, giving you more time to bask in your bronzed glory.

3. Skin-Loving Goodness: Nourishing ingredients keep your skin happy and healthy, so you can glow from the inside out. As we know, healthy skin tans best!

4. Smooth Operator: No streaks or splotches like fake tans! Tan accelerators ensure an even tan that's as flawless as you are.

5. Effortless Elegance: Easy to use and hassle-free, tan acccelrators are the perfect solution for those who want that sun-kissed look -fast!- without the fuss.

In a Nutshell:

With tan accelerators, achieving that dream tan is easier than ever. So go ahead, soak up the sun, and let your glow do the talking! Just remember to follow the instructions and slather on that sunscreen for the ultimate tan. 

Looking for a good tan accelerator? Look no further! Earth Tan's 100% natural and certified organic tan accelerators can achieve all of the above, leaving you with a stunning deep-golden tan.

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