For years, we have scoured the globe, handpicking the most exquisite botanical components for our range of natural tanning products. We use oils drawn from trees flourishing deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, from shrubs perched high in Peru's majestic Andes mountains, and from flower-drenched fields spanning Germany. We use the essence of the Mediterranean carob and harvested treasures of the Indian peninsula.
Each ingredient was chosen not only for its purpose but also for its commitment to sustainable cultivation practices and a positive impact on the environment. The outcome? A product that not only taps into the incredible power of nature but is also as gentle on you as it is on our planet. Read on to know more...

our ingredients

Natural and Organic

At Earth Tan we use 100% natural/naturally-derived, biodegradeable ingredients only. The majority of our ingredients are certified organic or wild-harvested.

Ethical Sourcing

Being COSMOS certified, you can be sure of our commitment to ethically sourcing raw materials, ensuring fair labor practices, and supporting local communities.

Vegan and cruelty-free

Our products do not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients; we use strictly plant-derived ingredients only.

Earth Tan products are never tested on animals, and none of our sourced ingredients are tested on animals either.

energy saving

cold process

Whereas traditional methods to manufacture skincare products involve the use of high energy mixing at high temperatures for extended periods of time, Earth Tan accelerators require only minimal low energy mixing, simply at room temperature (cold process).

no more plastic waste

RecyclablE aluminium packaging

We refuse to contribute more plastic waste to our planet. Our packaging is made of aluminium, an infinitely recyclable material that won't degrade microplastics into our oceans. The tiny portion of our packaging that is plastic (the caps) are made of the recyclable plastic PE, and when we find a suitable non-plastic alternative to replace those, you bet we will.

water saving

Earth Tan accelerators contain a very small proportion of water, saving on this precious resource.

responsibility to rainforests

rspo palm oil

We use as few palm-derived ingredients as possible, and actively source palm-free alternatives. The small proportion of palm-derived ingredients we use in our products are certified RSPO.

reef friendly

The ingredients and fragrances in our products, as well as the cleaning materials we use in our manufacturing facility, are 100% natural and completely biodegradable to ensure minimal impact on the environment and aquatic life.


We do not incorporate any genetically modified ingredients into our formulations. We use natural and non-GMO ingredients only.


Our products are oil-based with a very low water content, and hence preservatives are not required. This kind of product is kinder to the skin and will not disturb the skin's microflora or disrupt its natural pH.

recycled packaging

fsc certified packaging

The cardboard used in our product packaging is recycled, recyclable, and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world's forests.