How It Works - Carrot Jelly


Inositol found in the Mediterranean Carob Fruit is a completely natural element that stimulates skin melanocytes to produce melanin- ie to tan. It accelerates the late phase of tanning, triggering tanning well after you’ve been in the sun, giving up to 28% deeper colour, and up to 49% longer-lasting tan.

Wild harvested Amazonian Coffee Oil contains caffeine, which belongs to a class called methylxanthines. These elements are known to boost melanogenesis by improving microcirculation and stimulating melanocytes to produce melanin.


Carrot Jelly is infused with natural botanical colourants to tint skin.

Our Organic Carrot Oil is extracted at a low temperature using CO2, which allows it to retain nearly all its multitude of carotenoids and coloured agents. It is deep red-orange in colour.

Our Organic Calendula Flower Extract is another colourant, derived using the same process, and is a deep brown colour.

In our carefully measured proportions, these colourants add depth and a golden hue to the tan.


Deeply moisturised skin is key to maximising tanning, and the ingredients in our tanning jellies work in synergy to do exactly that. Organic Glycerin actively pulls water into skin, whilst Organic Coconut Oil seals it in, resulting in skin that is incredibly soft, smooth, and infused with moisture.


The jelly texture allows light to reflect more intensely onto skin in a manner similar to petrolieum jelly or mineral oil, which further intensifies tanning.


UV-protective botanical extracts powerfully combat UV damage and reduce the effects of photoaging. A trio of key ingredients include Organic Green Tea, Coffee Oil, and Rhatany Root.

Collagen I production is boosted by Carob Fruit Extract by up to 60%, enhancing skin elasticity.

Skin-loving vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients and essential fatty acids nourish and replenish skin.


The natural earth mineral Silica gives a skin soft-blur photoshop effect, making it appear smooth and glowy.