Product FAQs

I'd like to get a really dark tan on holiday, which product do you recommend?

For a very dark tan we recommend Carrot or Acacia Jelly. Both products will stimulate skin to tan more quickly and deeply, and plant-derived colourants will tint skin golden-brown.

Can I apply the tanning jellies on my face?

Yes. But if you prefer something with a lighter feel then simply add a few drops of water to the jelly before applying to your face, as this will transform the jelly into a light lotion.

Are the colorants like fake tan/self-tanner? Could I go streaky?

No, the products need to be used in the sun or on a tanning bed to get a deep tan. The Carrot & Acacia Jellies have naturally coloured oils that will tint skin, and the Acacia has natural bronzers too but they do not work like a fake tan/ self-tanner. The products will give an immediate colour once applied, but will not go on streaky, and you can expect an even suntan.

Will it tan me without the sun or sunbed?

The Carrot & Acacia jellies may tint skin if used regularly without exposure to the sun or a sunbed. However to get a deep tan quickly using the tanning jellies, skin needs to be exposed to the sun or a sunbed.

Is any variety better than the others? How do I choose which one to buy?

The Coconut Jelly is best suited to anyone who prefers a product that does not contain a bronzer. It will not stain skin or clothes as it does not contain any coloured oils, and so is perfect for days when you want to wear light coloured clothing. It is also excellent for sensitive or dry skin in need of extra moisture.

The Carrot Jelly will give an immediate golden glow once applied, and produces a deep golden tan. It contains coloured oils and may stain clothing.

The Acacia Jelly is for those who want to get very dark very fast! It will give an immediate bronze glow when applied and will produce the darkest tan of all our jellies. It contains coloured oils and plant extracts that have been used for centuries as natural dyes so please be careful- this one stains. Bring out the dark swimear!

Are there active ingredients that make your skin produce more melanin?

Yes! All our tanning jellies contain powerful plant extracts that stimulate skin to produce more melanin, including Coffee, Green Tea, Buriti, and Carrot Oil. But the star of the show here is Carob Fruit Extract (D-Chiroinositol) which boosts melanin production and deepens your colour by up to 28%, and continues to stimulate tanning long after you have left the sun or sunbed. It can make your tan last nearly 50% longer!

Are your product natural?

Yes, our products are 100% natural.

Some ingredients will have been very minimally processed, such as oils that are cold-pressed and then simply filtered to remove impurities.

Others are slightly more processed, such as sucrose laurate, whereby natural sugar is combinted with lauric acid (a natural component of coconuts), to create a natural emulsifier (an element that allows water and oil based ingredients to mix and holds them togther). This is a naturally-derived product and is considered natural.

Are your products organic?

Yes. We are certified organic by COSMOS ECOCERT.

Do your products suit all skin types?

Our products are suitable for all skin types (dry, oily, sensitive, normal, fair, olive, dark, tans with difficulty, tans easily, etc). They contain many soothing anti-inflammatory plant extracts that improve skin condition and are generally well tolerated.

Our products do not contain pore-clogging ingredients such as petroleum jelly or mineral oil and thus do not aggravate oily skin.

The products are designed to deeply moisturise and are excellent for dry skin. Those with persistently dry skin will find that their skin condition may improve after several days of using the jellies.

If you have any allergies please consult the full ingredients list on the product pages. If you have very sensitive skin we recommend a patch test before applying.

Do your products contain preservatives?

No. Our products have a very low water content which renders them self-preserving.

Is it better to apply it as a jelly or a lotion?

The choice is yours! Some people love the texture of a jelly, others prefer a lighter textured product such as a lotion. If you have oily skin then then you may enjoy turning the jelly into a lotion before applying it. Either way it is applied, the product will be just as effective.